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~ JanetRoof.com ~

Janet Roof has created a wonderfully eclectic collection of thoughts and ideas at janetroof.com. Read about the latest astronomy findings and sightings, blog time is where Janet shares her personal thoughts for the day and you can comment too. Janet provides a personal view of consumer products and conducts contests from time to time. If you enjoy crafting, Janet has lots of articles on the subject with tips and tricks you can only know through years of practice. Down_Time is Janet’s livestream.com channel where you can view her many antics life and uncensored, along with time lapse cooking, baking and candy making videos too. Check out the DIY do it yourself pages, filled with awesome articles and how to videos for the average homeowner. Janet enjoys writing short editorials now and again, if you have a subject you would like Janet to talk about let her know at Blog Time, she’s got you covered. There are articles about so many subjects, here are a few more; environmental, FYI, greeting card downloads, home décor, HTML cheat codes, image gallery, as Janet Roof is also a photographer. You’ll also find a fun Janet facts page, novels by Janet K. Roof, Microsoft office templates, oh pinions, party assistance, peeves, and poetry. Yes, Janet Roof is also a poet. Professional services, recipes, recreation, safety first, self-help, shopping reviews, short stories, video tutorials, and wildlife. So stop in and see what’s going on inside the brain of Janet K. Roof.


~ Tidal Treasure ~

My items are handcrafted and uniquely distinctive; I provide an eclectic collection. Choose from items made using items from the natural world, surf tumbled beach sea glass, driftwood, sea shells and coral are only a start, I create sea shell sculpture water features and fountains for corporation lobbies, wedding / anniversary gifts, new baby’s room (flowing water sooths a new baby), personal stress relief, birthdays, retirement gifts and more. Any event where a special gift or presentation is required can be accommodated.

Tidal Treasure/janetroof.com/KP Productions are devoted to producing superlative quality artisan craft they delivers handpicked naturally shed items from the beaches and forests of New Jersey, and the United States of America. All items used are collected naturally; no animals or beings were harmed in the creative process of the items listed within this site.

Tidal Treasure/JanetRoof.com/KP Productions deliver superlative artisan crafted sea glass, sea shell, driftwood and other natural items. We offer only surf tumbled beach sea glass in all our items. Including jewelry, talisman, pendulums, oils, trinket boxes, bookmarks, bracelets, earrings, buttons, clips, pins, driftwood, eyeglass lanyards, ornaments, holiday items, incense burners, jewelry sets, charms, key chains, mobiles, necklaces, pendants, rings, sun catchers, wine glass charms, wine bottle toppers, jewelry boxes, pouches, Ouija talking boards, mobiles, incense burners, dream catchers, magic wands, vintage play sets/toys, runes, rings, juju charms, pendants fountain water features, wine glass charms, wind chimes, sea shell sculptured fountain water features, and more.


~ Tidal Treasure Wholesale Partnership~

If you are interested in purchasing wholesale lots and would like to become a partner of Tidal Treasure or have needs not listed in goods and services at this time, please free to contact me anytime for custom orders, bulk rate discounts and specials. Drop shipping services are available upon request.


~ KP Productions ~

KP Productions/Karmels Place Productions/KP Video is a subsidiary of JanetRoof.com/Tidal Treasure. KP Productions bring extensive quality video productions at a fair and reasonable price. From business advertising, virtual tours, commercials, cooking tutorials, music video, company and club newsletters, documentaries, surveillance and more, KP Productions has got you covered. KP Productions offer personal productions such as photo conversions, 8mm film to video, wedding video and photography, birthday parties, anniversary, diaries, last will and testament, family newsletters, festivity documentation, surveillance, recipes and more. KP Productions also offer unique time lapse video tutorials, which offer full documentation of any subject in a shortened, easy to follow video tutorial.

~ Cooking / Crafting / Baking / Candy / Chocolate Making Video Tutorials ~

KP Productions brings cooking video in time lapse format. View recipes from scratch to completion in less than 4 minutes. Janet Roof brings you recipes for: Bread baking, cake baking, chocolate candy making, consumer product reports, cookies, cupcakes, desserts, holiday baking, holiday cooking, simple crafts, main dish and entrees, pie baking, side dishes, slow cooker crock port recipes and more. If you are a seasoned cook or just a beginner in the kitchen, Janet has a recipe for you. Every video tutorial recipe is simple to follow and the printable recipe downloads are the best.

~ Professional Services ~

Janet Roof is a professional personal assistant who is available for contact internationally. Janet has over 25 years’ experience accommodating clients personal and professional needs in the following areas. Administrative, computer and web design, concierge, cooking videos, creative writing, culinary arts, party gifts and favors, graphic design, handcrafting, holistic and spiritual, horticulture, maintenance, marketing, music videos, organization, pets and wildlife, photography and video, tutorials, short film, warehousing and inventory control, workshops, and writing.


~ Laws and Disclosures ~

The laws of the United States require me to disclose that the information within this guide is meant for entertainment purposes only. No one under the age of 18 may purchase any of these items or use them as references. Artisan craft items, videos, guides, reviews in any sale items listed in conjunction of tidal treasure/janetroof.com, KP Productions, guides and items are not to be considered a substitute for professional medical, emotional or spiritual care. Visit any healthcare practitioner for all injuries, diseases or ailments. Tidal Treasure/JanetRoof.com/ KP Productions, its owners, assignees, employees, etc, assume no liability for any use or misuse of this information in past, present and future tense.

Any and all information is intended for use with items created and/or distributed by Tidal Treasure/janetroof.com, © 1968- 2012, Janet Karmel Roof / KP Productions™  Duplication in any form of media, picture, video, spoken/written word, in reality or fiction, present day or future, is punishable by copy right laws governed by the United States of America. Failure to respect said copy right protection will result in prosecution, to the fullest extent of the law.


~ Toxic Fumes & Fire Safety Warning ~

Do not leave candles or incense burning unattended. Keep away from compressed air/aerosol cans flammable materials such as, furniture and loose articles of clothing. Do not burn candles or incense cones, oils and woodless sticks directly on the surface of any polymer clay item and never use for fire or as an ashtray. Toxic fumes occur after 300ºF. Keep out of reach of pets and children.


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