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Symbols and Meanings

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The Birds - Unexpected news, change, completely life altering if it is the leading rune.News will direct to a positive change. Nearest runes will deetermine the nature. News of out of contact friends/family. Watch for documents/ letters that will bring happiness. 
The Crossed Spears - Arguments, negativity, negative events. Of an upsetting nature, but not all bad. If it sits near a positive rune it can indicate a quarrels end and healing especially if it lies near the rings. Promotion at work or a fast recovery from an illness.
The Black Rune - Difficulty, pain, negative influences will rule your life for a time, but will lead to progress on life's path and improved personal perspective. If it falls with a positive rune it indicates painful experience leads to beneficial change in circumstances.
The Ear of Corn - Good luck, success and happiness. If leading rune it is very positive about your question. Finance, business, friendship, partnership or spirituality will be positive.If it falls with the rings it indicates happy and prosperous marriage. Falling with the sun is career success and with waves rune, abroad success.
TheMoon - Change, starsare the four main phases of the moon, expect changes within the next 28 days. particularly feminine and often appears in response to questions about the issues of women. This rune is a messenger, telling you to be aware that major changes are coming into your life. Runes closest will determine whether changes are positive or negative.
The Rings - Love, relationships, if it is the leading rune the answer to your question is positive. This is a relationship rune and indicates engagement, marriage or a new/renewed relationship. Indicates a fresh approach to an existing relationship.
The Sun - Success, progress and positive outcome. A straightforward yes/no questions is is read as "YES". Denotes progress and personal enrichment in life.
The Wave - Friends, family, travel and their influence upon you. Meaning is derived from the other stones closest to it. It is associated with travel, a journey abroad especially if the sun rune is nearby, but a journey for someone close to you if the moon rune is closest. If it falls near the rings it fortells a holiday or long distance relationship.









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